Takebe-Yahata Onsen Hot spring in Yahata
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510-1 Kami Tabeke, Takebe-Cho, Kita-Ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
TEL. 086-722-2500 FAX. 086-722-2513
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Day trip to a hot spring along
the Asahi River with a mountain range in view
Relax your mind and body in the bath while listening to the clear flowing sounds of the Asahi River.
There is a large bath, an open-air bath, a sauna and private family bath as well as a bath with water straight from the spring source.
In the lie-down bath, you can enjoy bathing while looking up at the sky even though you're inside of the building.

Hot Spring Information

Water Quality Simple alkaline hot spring (Hot spring with a hypotonic alkaline level) Generally effective for: chronic pain or stiffness in muscles and joints (joint rheumatism, osteoarthrosis, back pain, neuralgia, stiff shoulders, bruises, sprains), stiff muscles due to motor paralysis, poor circulation, peripheral circulatory failure, digestive problems, mild hypertension, diabetes, mild hypercholesteremia, mild asthma, lung emphysema, hemorrhoids, symptoms caused by stress, symptoms during recovery from illness and fatigue. Especially effective for: autonomic instability, insomnia, depression

Lodging information

overnight stay / day trip There are two Japanese-style rooms and one western-style room for daytime usage.
There is one Japanese-style room and one western-style room for overnight stays.
The Japanese room can be divided in two rooms with a simple divider. Therefore, the two rooms will be combined for overnight stays. The hall and the conference room The hall can hold up to 70 people for an event. Both western-style and Japanese-style seating can be used.
There is a conference room that can hold 40 people. Day trip bath Adults (junior high school and older) / 660 yen
Children (elementary school students) / 400yen
*hot spring tax included


40 minutes from the Okayama Interchange on the Sanyo Expressway
A 10 minute walk from Fukuwatari Station (JR Tsuyama Line) Parking Parking is available at Yahata Onsen. (1 minute walk)
Relax while surrounded by nature
Time moves slowly with a beautiful view of the river and greenery from the outdoor balcony.
Two rooms are available for both overnight stays and day trips. The foot bath at the entrance is free to use.
There is a dining area with dishes using seasonal ingredients and a shop selling Takebe related food like Takebe yogurt. There is a corner for you to grab sightseeing brochures.