East area of Okayama 3
Rural Caprine Farm
October, 2014 We never knew that there was such a peaceful yet fun farm in Okayama. Rural Caprine Farm wasn't what we expected at all, but in a good way. Rural Caprine Farm was beyond our expectations! It was about a 30 minute drive east of downtown Okayama to get there. You can forget the everyday bustle of city life. Time goes by slowly at the farm, so you can luxuriate in relaxation. The farm is down a narrow country lane, so please be careful not to miss the sign! The best thing about the farm is that it is open every day. We'd like to recommend this place to everyone!
We were soothed by the lovely goats,
we were at the place where time flows slowly...
We heard some goats making sounds as soon as we got out of our car. The free roaming goats welcomed us. They don't use chemicals such as hormones or antibiotics for the goats. They make their own compound feeds. There are hammocks and swings, for both adults and children to use freely.
We found a very stylish building on a small hill. They sell goat cheese and pudding, and beer from Naples, Italy. We were fascinated with the shop's products and they were all so nicely displayed.
You can have lunch and tea. We felt great drinking some wine, too!
This farm also has a kitchen (cafe) where you can have lunch and a tea break. We ordered a panini set for lunch. Relaxing with lunch on the patio outside was especially great while viewing the goats. They also offer a goat milk latte which is very unique. We were happy to hear that goat milk burns body fat, which is great if you are on a diet!
We also had some wine, which made us feel even better. The owner said, "I'd like visitors to spend a relaxing time here." We appreciated his offer, so we sat back and relaxed for a while.
Rural Caprine Farm
1346-1 Kusakabe, Higashi-Ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture 709-0635
Telephone number
Open year-round
Business hours
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM