Hakuunkaku Hot spring in Yuba
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644 Yuba Naka-Ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
TEL. 086-279-0545 FAX. 086-279-6832
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A relaxing variety of hot springs, bathing specialty inn

  • The elaborately designed interior

  • Clean and relaxing Japanese style room
  • We have nine varieties of baths that are very unique. The large rock bath made of Taiwanese marble is very popular among visitors.
    The inn is located on a hill, so you can enjoy the view of Okayama City below. It's also surrounded by an idyllic landscape.
    An inn like a weekend hideaway, where you can enjoy popular actors' dance performance shows at the theater.

Hot Spring Information

Water Quality radium-rich hot spring Efficacy neuralgia, rheumatism, gynecological diseases

Lodging information

2 people per room 1 night, 2 meals
from 12,600 yen on weekdays (plus tax and service fee)
Hot spring tax: additional 150 yen
6 banquet rooms


15 minutes by car from Okayama Station Parking Parking for 10 bus
Parking for 100 cars
Natural hot spring (radium-rich), large Taiwanese rock bath

  • Have a nice sweat and make your skin smooth
  • We are proud of the large communal bath made of Taiwanese marble.
    Enjoy the size and magnificent stone structure that 100 people can enter at once.
    Importing Taiwanese marble is currently prohibited, so this hot spring is very unique.
Please enjoy the baths of Yuba Kenko Mura (Yuba Health Village) nearby the inn.
The baths there use natural well water.

  • Have a nice sweat and make your skin smooth

  • The hot rock sauna promotes detoxification and fat-burning
  • Hot rock sauna

    Infrared heat released from the natural stones warms up your body comfortably.
    Your sweat after using the hot rock sauna is watery, doesn't smell bad, and improves your metabolism. Perspiration removes endotoxins, has a highdetoxification effect and promotes fat-burning. It's a warm bath treatment with no water.

  • Open-air bath

  • Goemon bath (wooden bath heated directly from beneath)
  • Experience different baths

    In the open-air bath you can feel a nice breeze.
    Threr is a unique wooden Goemon bath.

  • Jacuzzi bath

  • Bizen ceramic tile sauna with a noborigama (furnace that angles up a slope)
  • The jacuzzi loosens up your body with water pressure.
    The Bizen noborigama sauna has both high and low temperatures.
    The whirlpool bath has comfortable bubble jets.
    Different baths satisfy hot spring lovers.
The hot spring secretly frequented by an ancient emperor's regent, giving you thoughtful hospitality
Besides hot springs, you can watch an elegant Japanese traditional dance show performed by about 20 professional dancers. You will make good memories here.

  • The bar where you can relax and enjoy drinking

  • Stage performance with touching songs and dances

  • We sell a great selection of souvenirs and gifts
Restaurant Chikutei
The elaborate atmosphere of the sumptuous restaurant will be a special night of your trip. Enjoy a wide variety of beautiful and colorfully presented seasonal dishes.

  • Chikutei has a marvelous ambience

  • Dinner for a special night

  • You can enjoy seasonal cuisine.