Recommended tourist information

Tourism / Culture / History

Central Kurashiki Area

Red bricks and white walls: Stroll through a historical district

Kojima and Great Seto Bridge Area

Please enjoy the mild warm weather, beautiful greenery and great food from the rich Inland Sea and mountains.

Bizen, Ushimado and Hinase Areas

Wonderful landscapes, historic sites that can be felt, places where local seafood can be enjoyed.

Theme park

Washuzan Highland

Welcome to the land of the sun and samba!
Brazilian theme park with a magnificent view of the Great Seto Bridge Click here for more info >>

Doitsu no Mori (German Forest)

Doitsu no Mori (German Forest) is filled with deliciousness! Click here for more info >>

Omocha Okoku (Toy Kingdom)

A toy theme park where you can see, touch and try various toys. Click here for more info >>