Sensui Hot spring in Tomada Lodging
Map of recommended tourist routes

Okayama City North Ward Area
Korakuen Garden
Access Take Route 53 North from Route 402. Turn right at the Ishima-kita intersection and go straight on the Okayama Highway.
Western cuisine restaurant Ruann
Access Take Okayama Highway to the south, take Route 53 at Ishima-kita intersection, and turn right at Tsushima intersection. On the way to Ikeda zoo, turn right.
Ikeda Zoo
Access Turn left at Tsushima intersection and take Route 53 North. On the way, turn left onto the Okayama Highway North, and turn right.
Sensui  Hot spring in Tomada
Access Take Okayama Highway North. Take Route 53 North, turn left at Ugaki intersection, and go straight on Route 61. On the way, turn right.
Matsuda Farm Dairy Farm
Access Take Route 61 East and then take Route 53 South. Turn left diagonally at Katsuragi bridge to go onto Route 218.
Turn left onto Route 27. On the way, turn right and then turn diagonally to the right.
Manekineko Art Museum